Tuesday, January 6, 2009

new bed/room?

I dont know if I was excited enough to tell everyone but I finally got a new bed over christmas. It was a seriously smashing deal, a queen memory foam mattress and matching boxspring for $880. But since I didnt have anything that would fit a queen previously, I've been using my parents' old sheets from when they had a queen.
So I did some looking around, put my feelers out and I found this great site called Blissliving Home and found some fantastic bed sets and accessories. I saw 3 I really liked but havent been able to make up my mind which one I want to get. Here are the 3:

The Max Peacock:
The Max Purple:

The Audrey:


bex said...

The Audrey. Def.

Tazeen said...

peacock is too masculine, audrey is too house wifey, i think you should go for max purple