Sunday, March 15, 2009

way to have a breakdown.

I have to say I apologize for having a blog-breakdown. I went and did hundreds of dollars worth of retail therapy, definately spent money I shouldnt have, had a spa day at Dolce, and bought some chocolate. A ton of it, probably literally.
Because I'm so nice, I'll show you what I bought, by category because I'm cool like that...

From Urban Outfitters:

Urban Renewal Vintage Levi Splatter Paint Cut-offs - $38.00

Corpus Strapless Denim Dress - $68.00

Rapscallion by Samantha Pleet Denim Romper - $78.00

Levi's 631 Skinny Premium Jean - $68.00

Kimchi Blue Chambray Skirt - $68.00

Rain Watercolor V-Neck Tee - $24.00

Sam Edelman Sahara Heel - $158.00

Seychelles Proper Etiquette Platform - $98.00

Deux Lux Doublecross Bag - $68.00

Nesting Doll Charm Necklace - $24.00

Vintage Filigree Stud Earrings - $14.00

Asymmetical Free Bird Necklace - $18.00

We Dream in Colour Bird Earrings - $28.00

Large Metal Rose Necklace - $28.00
Metal Flower Drops - $18.00

Chain and Flower Bracelet - $24.00
...omg I need to stop now, I'm starting to have buyer's remorse. I'll show you the rest later once I get over this. Haha, shit.


Anonymous said...

this is awesome love that Rain Watercolor V-Neck Tee and Seychelles Proper Etiquette Platform :D

Katy(saidso) said...

Oh me too...which is probably why I bought them, haha. I was shopping and never even intended to buy anything and then I wanted that and that and this and that.
Until I paid and saw the bill then I was like, "Massive fail...shit."