Sunday, February 1, 2009

I actually did it, I wrote 25 random things.

1. I'm addicted to diet coke. It didnt stunt my growth, it hasnt given me cancer...yet, my teeth arent stained yellow, and I'm not fat. So I dont care about whatever excuses other people have for not drinking it, I'm still going to.

2. I like animals more than humans. I think humans are cruel, destructive, and uncaring of anything outside humanity. Ofcourse there are those few exceptions but aside from those particular people, I'm kind of disgusted with humanity as a whole.

3. I think my brother is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He's gone through so much: prejudice, discrimination, low expectations, etc. . Yet he's pushed through and come out ahead.

4. I really hate rap, and what gets me most is white people from the suburbs thinking they're gangster and know Lil' Wayne's life. You dont, and ps: you're not a rockstar... get over yourself.

5. I dont understand the point of video games, I think they're boring and waste of time. Read a book, unlike a video game, it actually makes you smarter.

6. I have this thing called the BRCA gene, it means that I have a 60-80% chance of developing ovarian or breast cancer. My maternal and paternal grandmothers died of breast cancer.

7. I read 3-5 books a week, I'm a little addicted.

8. I'm a very quiet person and more than a little shy so I dont open up easily to people. Everyone usually mistakes my being shy for snobbery but thats not my deal. I'm not a superficial person and I really want to get to know people. So if anyone ever wonders why I'm snobby, maybe its because you never took the time to see beyond anything else.

9. I became really disgusted with a few people when a particular person thought it was funny her friend fucked some guy in the bed next to me while I was so sick I was having seizures and should have gone to the hospital.

10. A lot of people dont know this but, I have a really big problem with authority figures. I'm a closet "rage against the Man" kind of person. It ranges from resenting people who tell me what I can or cant do to having lost all faith in our government.

11. I have such a passion for art, history, architecture, design...anything that has or can create beautiful works of art.

12. I use sarcasm and indifference as a defense mechanism.

13. I am a hopeless romantic.

14. My mom admitted to me last year that my parents thought I was autistic when I was younger. I looked up symptoms of autism and many of my subconscious habits are dead on. I've become very neurotic about the entire thing.

15. One of my biggest fears is that I'm going to end up manic since it's a hereditary trait in my family. Because of that, I feel like I cant be too happy or too sad at one time... and when I do I get really scared.

16. There's a 25-40% chance any child I have will be born deaf, and part of me hopes they will be.

17. Anyone who knows me well also knows I dont know my right from my left.

18. I learned sign language before I learned to talk.

19. I'm technically "multi-lingual", I'm fluent 4 different kinds of sign language, english, and I've been learning gaelic on and off for 5 Years, and I also want to learn romanian.

20. I'm not very big on forgiveness, once my trust is broken it's very hard to earn it back and I dont make it easy on people. I feel that trust is earned not "given" or "bestowed" so I bend over backwards for my friends and I expect the same in return. If I get let down even once, I dont really forgive...or forget.

21. My favorite color is green and I'm always wearing something green on me at all times.

22. I'm pagan, and even more specific than that, I'm an initiated witch. I dont believe in the devil or satanism or any of that crap. I've been called every name in the book and I think people who believe being a witch or a pagan is satanic or devil worship are ignorant and dumb. Damn me to hell all you like, I dont believe in it.

23. I'm addicted to perfumes, I have around 15 bottles and they all cost me a pretty penny.

24. I am a blogging fiend. I read and write about anything and everything but one thing in particular, design. Fashion design, interior design...either/or, I love them both.

25. I think Justin Timberlake sounds like Michael Jackson.


Anonymous said...

now that is so wow!!
katy you rock!!
i am extremely jealous when you say "I read 3-5 books a week, I'm a little addicted"
sigh i so wish i could too!!!