Thursday, February 5, 2009

Today's To-Do List.

  • Go to class.
  • Deposit check from work.
  • Go by Michael's and get two more pads of vellum, because I'm wasteful and went through one already.
  • Get some more acrylics from the art shop before Monday.
  • Buy a pair of jeans (because I feel like it).
  • Read the 6 chapters I've managed to postpone reading for the past two weeks.
  • Start working on the first section of my Modern Architecture Reference Notebook (due in 2 weeks).
  • Go to class again.
  • Get a new pair of flats for work because my others have been used & abused and smell like butt.
  • Maybe make an appearance at Sigma Pi's date party in Snobsdale (not a major priority).
  • Make some time to pick up my room, and vacuum. Yeah, vacuuming may be necessary.
  • Lancome, "Magnifique" -- I have been lusting after this for ever.


Anonymous said...

oohhh i have been lusting after it tooooooooooooooooo!!!