Friday, February 6, 2009

smash into you.

This particular photo really got to me. I think it was partially because I was listening to Beyonce's, "Smash Into You" the same time I saw it. Also, partially because my biological clock started ticking with a viciousness that made everything seize up for a minute. This particular minute seemed to last for an eternity, but a minute nontheless. It really scared me because, God, I'm only 21. This photograph just intensified that feeling 10 fold and created an extremely bittersweet moment.
I actually "borrowed" this photo from seher's shenanigans, so kudos to her for finding it. Seriously, as much as the emotions it stirs in me are a little hard to swallow, it is truly a beautiful photograph. I dont think many men out there now-a-days truly appreciate the true beauty of a woman (pregnant or not). Women are all curves, full of Life and compassion, inner strength and resilience...all guys tend to see now are Boobs, Butt, and Body. Its pretty sad, actually.


Frankly, Scarlett said...

I couldn't agree with you more both with the tick tock tick tock and the fact that why can't men appreciate curves anymore!?! Tres Frustrating!

Anonymous said...

thank you Katy! for linking it back to me.
havent seen you around on my blog but i am glad you silently browse through!
i comepletely agree with your line of thoughts... all guys tend to see now is boobs, butt and body! and that too without the bulge!

Yolie Ramirez said...

love it