Saturday, October 18, 2008

color, color, color!

I was looking on Domino this morning and I found a really interesting article on Color. A little side note, I'm pretty addicted to Domino so you'll probably be hearing about this particular magazine quite frequently. Anyway, I was looking through their Color Therapy gallery and I found some really interesting stuff. Well, interesting to me anyway...

Here's some of what I've found (but kind of already knew from my classes on the subject):


Is a wonderful color if it's excitement you're looking for. Red typically inspires feelings of [self-] confidence, energy, vitality, courage -- making it a great color for a dining room or any other room used for social gatherings.
I dont know about you all but, in my family, the dining room was always the center of all the action. It was where we all hung out, talked to gether, ate together, and hell, even fought together.

Currant Red by Benjamin Moore.


The color Green helps to promote contemplation, balance, and inner peace, and springy shades can "evoke a sense of renewal". Who wouldnt want those kinds of peaceful feelings when they walk into their bedroom, honestly? With all the stress of our every day life, I think it would be wonderful to walk into my bedroom and have it all just melt away.

Wales Green (headboard), and Pear Green (walls), Benjamin Moore, headboard stencil from Stencil Library.


Blue makes for the perfect color in a bedroom since it's said to have calming and relaxing effects on people. You could even put it in your bathroom if thats the kind of spa-like quality you're going for. Just be careful not to pass out in the tub (it happens, okay? I've done that before). Also, Blue is great if you have overly rambunctious kids. Just put them in the room for an hour or so with a book and voila! Next thing you know they're out like a light.

Smoke by Benjamin Moore.


Hmm, thats not one I hear often when I think of color therapy. But, Indigo is associated with imagination and intuition as well as power and knowledge. So if you're going for the dreamy, exotic look Indigo would be the perfect color for a brave soul.
Pitch Blue by Farrow & Ball.