Sunday, October 26, 2008

shopping spree

I've decided that I deserve a well-earned shopping spree after these past couple weeks. So I was thinking of doing a bit of retail therapy at Urban Outfitters and this is what I'm thinking of getting after a bit of online browsing:

Kimchi Button Tab Brushed dress - $58.00

Silence & Noise Persephone Tank - $32.00
BDG Flannel Boyfriend Buttondown - $48.00
BDG Shawl Collar Cardigan - $54.00
Ben Sherman Portobello Coat - $198.00

BDG Black and Blue Skinny Jean - $54.00

Frye Andrea Belted Boot - $428.00

Leather Saddle Belt - $68.00

Joanne Woven Leather Bag - $245.00

Grand total = around $1200.00
I talked to my mom earlier about all this and how I didnt even blink as I handed over my credit card. She told me I was nuts to buy all this, and maybe so, but I work my ass off for my money and I've been saving just over 70% of each paycheck since I turned 16. I'm 21 now and I feel just a little entitled to a shopping spree. It's not as if I have one every paycheck, I dont remember the last time I bought something purely for myself and my own enjoyment. So :-P on anyone who thinks this was absolutely retarded, haha.