Tuesday, October 21, 2008

study, study, study. le sigh.

I think my eyeballs are going to fall out of my head. I have been studying since I got home from work today at 4. I even studied at work; I worked from 10:30-4. That's how hardcore it's been today. I am EXHAUSTED and still I study on.

This is page one of four:

example questions (in case you cant see):
3. Explain how rocks respond to stress (include the difference between deep and shallow rock strain).
7. Explain S and P waves and include a sketch of each type. Which of these cannot move through objects without shear strength?
12. What are slickenlines and what do they tell us?
14. What is the relationship between the Benioff Zone and a convergent plate boundary?
17. Describe tsunami wave trains. How many of them commonly occur, how far are they apart (in time), and which are typically the largest?

I even have to draw stuff, I am so NOT in the mood to draw. at all. The really sucky part is that this is part two of my midterm. Meaning that, yes, there was a part one and it was no less ridiculous than this part two. Sometimes I really hate being in college and wish for the simple life of high school. At the time I didnt consider it "simple" at all but, in comparison, high school was a cake-walk. Oh how I yearn for the simpler days...